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Golf Fix


Welcome to Golf Fix, 

The golf class designed to help you maintain consistent practice, develop your golf game, and improve your overall golf skills. Get the opportunity to have a golf instructor watch you, observe you and make sure you are doing the right drills correctly. You'll also be able to use any equipment during the session to further help you improve your skills. 

The unique element of Golf Fix is for 15-20 minutes during the class the instructor will deliver the Practice Of The Day (POD).

Practice of the day will always be related to specific themes that will improve your game such as:

1. Ball Striking
2. Shot shaping
3. Swing speed
4. Pitching
5. High Draws
And more

Class Structure: 

- 5-10 minute warm up led by the instructor
- Practice, ask coach questions, use equipment, prepare for the POD
- Practice Of The Day (POD) led by instructor
- Practice, ask coach questions, use equipment

Message from Director Matthew:
Knowing what to do and understanding it is only 10-20% of the battle. Getting the amount of practice time in consistently is the other 80-90%. Be held accountable and get the help you need, this is the solution for you.


Unlimited classes per month = $249

1 Class per month = $59.99

3 Classes per month = $149.99

Drop in = $79.99

Class Schedule
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